Any Investor's failure to timely pay bills from MBC/VSI whether they voted to keep or sell their interest, will result in forfeiture of his or her interest in the policies.

Definition of Terms in Billing Notices | Definicion de Terminos Utilizados en los Avisos de Facturacion

Notice to Investors | Aviso a los Inversionistas

Investor Preference Form and Policy Detail Sheet | Formulario de Preferencia y Detalles de la Poliza

09/14/2005 :: Order on Disposition of Policies and Proceeds | Mandamiento que Aclara el Mandamiento de Disposición y Aprueba el Formulario de Aviso

11/21/2005 :: Order Clarifying Disposition Order and Approving Form for Notice | Mandamiento sobre la Disposición de las Pólizas y su Producto


If the interest represented by your invoice is held through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), VSI understands that funds paid by the MBC investor pursuant to this invoice may flow through the custodian of that IRA. It is the investor’s responsibility to determine if payments must be made through the IRA custodian in order to remain compliant with the IRS rules and regulations for retirement accounts. If VSI receives payment directly from the MBC investor, VSI may elect to accept said payment. If payment is accepted in this manner, the investor is advised that VSI will not be held responsible for any damages or liabilities that the investor may suffer related to breach of IRS rules and penalties related thereto.

Q. According to my documents my premium is due but I have not received a bill. What should I do?

A. The Receiver is establishing billing cycles and continues to pay premiums on all policies until billing cycles are established. In that instance, you will be billed and reimburse the Receiver for the time period between the premium obligations start date and your policy anniversary date. Failure to pay premiums on a timely basis will result in forfeiture of your interest in the policy.

Q. Why doesn’t the Receiver continue to pay premiums until maturity for all policies kept by the Investors?

A. The court has ordered that investors are responsible for paying the premiums on the policies to maintain their interests. 

Q. How will my share of the costs be determined?

A. The initial annual pro-rata fee of $195.00 per policy is eliminated. Each investor will now pay a flat fee of $240.00 to administer their policy. There will be a slight surcharge assessed to Investors in foreign countries to cover the additional mailing cost. These costs are subject to change in the future.

Q. How long will I be obligated to pay the premiums on a kept policy?

A. Your obligation to pay the premiums and cost of administering the policy will continue until the policy matures, and the policy may not mature for many years.

Q. Could my premium increase?

A. Unless your policy is a whole-life policy, the annual premium costs could increase each year significantly until the policy matures, and there is no way to calculate how much those premiums could increase until the policy matures.

Q. Is the entire premium amount identified on my Policy Detail Sheet my sole responsibility?

A. If a premium amount is referenced on your Policy Detail Sheet, it is the total current annual anticipated premium for the policy. This amount could be subject to change as described in the previous question. You will be responsible to pay only your proportionate share of that amount based on your percentage interest in the policy in addition to the other administrative costs identified on the notice.

Q. What happens if an Investor on my policy fails to pay timely any premium due?

A. If at any time until the policy matures, you or any other Investor retaining her interest in the policy fails to pay any premiums due, and the other Investors don’t assume the premium payments, the policy may be sold, and if can’t be sold, it could be surrendered, and you could lose your entire investment.

Q. How long will a delayed premium obligation be in effect?

A. There is no guarantee how long a delayed premium obligation will pay, or reduce the cost of, premium payments. It is estimated that the delayed premium obligation will end on either the later of MBC’s life expectancy date for the insured or the date any cash value in the policy is used up. That estimated premium start date is provided on your Policy Detail Sheet. If your policy is on premium waiver, you should refer to the footnote on your Policy Details Sheet.

Q. If an Investor moves or changes his contact information, to whom and how should that be communicated?

A. Please provide any such changes to Viatical Services, Inc., 43 South Pompano Parkway, PMB#112, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, using the Change of Address Form accessible on the home page of this website. Investors may also contact VSI/Customer Service at (954) 582-0220 for assistance. Please click here to obtain the latest notice on Changes to Investor Beneficiary information.